Popular items include a variety of pizzas such as Red Pizza, Vodka Pizza, Specialty Pizza, Grilled Cheese Pizza, as well as subs like Steak Subs, Meat Subs, Specialty Brisket Sandwich, Chicken Subs, and Veg Subs. Additionally, they offer sides like Fries/Tots, Wings, Salads, Beverages, and Fried Oreos.

Krave IT offers twenty homemade sauces, including options like tomato and vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese.

The startup costs range from $192,000 to $399,000.

The monthly royalty fee is 6% of gross sales.

The lease requirement is a space of 1,000 to 2,000 square feet.

The protected territory extends to a 3-mile radius.

While prior experience in the food industry can be beneficial, it is not necessarily required to own a Krave IT franchise. We also provide comprehensive training programs to prepare franchise owners and their staff to handle all aspects of the business, including operations, customer service, and marketing.

Franchise owners receive 137 hours of instructor-led training covering various aspects, including introduction to Krave IT, bookkeeping and payroll, marketing and advertising, admissions and company policies, regulatory compliance, and operations implementation.

In addition to the initial training program, franchise owners receive ongoing support and resources to stay knowledgeable and competitive from startup and beyond.

Krave IT utilizes unique marketing strategies to retain regular customers and attract new ones.

Krave IT works directly with franchisees and local commercial real estate brokers to identify suitable locations and provides advice on lease negotiation.